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Father’s Day gift idea: Kids get their dads ‘the gift of moaning’

From messy binmen to late deliveries, unique complaints website gives dads (mums, or anybody) the chance to get their own back British dads are the biggest moaners in the world, and their children will do just about anything for a bit of peace and quiet. According to the 1750 13-18 year-olds surveyed by the unique […]

MaaS ‘Moaning as a Service’ company launches

Want a whinge? Now you can do it all online A new company has launched that allows users to send out tailored letters of complaint to anybody or anything that gets on their nerves. Avenge.co.uk, the brainchild of company owner Mark Hall, means that people can create and send their moans as a snail mail […]

‘Moonpig for moaners’ service launches

New website puts the fun back into getting your own back on rip-off Britain Britons are terrible at complaining over anything from noisy neighbours to bad service in shops, and they’re missing out having their problems sorted, as well as losing out on apologies and possible refunds or compensation. That’s the opinion of a new […]

Funny and brilliant car rental complaint letter

The following letter was written by our very own famous Alistair Coleman and author of the award-winning Scary Duck Blog ¬† First, a bit of back-story. I hired a car from [Useless Workshy Car Rental Company], and it was RUBBISH. ¬†During the week I had it, I had smoke billowing from under the bonnet, and […]