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Complaint Letter Example

Here is a complaint letter sample taken from our archive.  

Take a look and see what you think.  It is worth bearing in mind that all the letters we write for our clients are unique to their particular complaints and concerns. Therefore, the letter of complaint sample below is not an example of the exact letter we would craft for you. Instead,  we vary the tone of our letters depending on your particular requirements.  From a humorous letter aimed at friends and family members to a serious formal complaint letter, we can adapt the style and tone of our complaint letters accordingly.


Dear Mr Smith,

It is through an unpleasant cocktail of unconfined indignation and outrage that I venture this letter upon you.

I am writing to you in the most insistent terms to urge you to exercise greater control over the hound which currently inhabits your property.  Not once, not twice but indeed thrice, your dog has bounded across my garden only to ravage budding daffodils, the seeds of which I have only recently sown.

As a proud homeowner, I hold both the actions of your dog, and the negligence you have displayed as an owner, in the utmost contempt.  In recent weeks, the frequency with which I have discovered dog foul strewn across my garden path has also been extremely perturbing.  Again, I would ask that such irresponsible behaviour is brought to an end immediately.

I hope that this notice can serve as adequate recourse and that, going forward, you will spare my property from the mercies of the feral monstrosity you fondly refer to as Kipper.


Yours sincerely,

Archibald Whittaker