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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, although we suggest that you hold fire on sending your Mother in law that letter.

Yes, just check the box when creating your letter and your name wont be put on the letter

No you can not under any circumstances send out hate mail. If you submit an order for hate mail you will not get a refund and your money will be donated directly to a anti bullying charity.

We can use Google translate and include a copy of the letter in the Queens mighty english

Yes indeed we do.

You create your letter on the send my letter page, hit send and our crack team of experts will handcraft you a exceptional letter that will be whisked away to the right person. The whole process can take 24hrs to 7-10 working days depending on the nature and complexity of the letter and availability of our writers eg holidays, weekends

Yes as long as you provide the email address of the person or company you want the letter to be sent to

Yes, we will email it to you.

Its down the the recipient to respond, but will be certainly request that a response is required if you wish. Simply check the box stating a response is required on the order page

We certainly hope so, but a a true moaner will always find new things to moan about in no time and via avenge make the world a better place. Vouchers area good option for any serial moaner