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Formal Complaint Letter

Writing a letter of complaint to a large company or organisation can be a daunting task.  The pressure to make sure that every apostrophe is correctly placed and every word is correctly spelled can be considerable.  After all, you want to appear authoritative and intelligent and sending a letter littered with grammatical errors is a sure fire way to undermine to overall effect you intend your letter to have on whichever company has provoked your ire.

Maybe you want to write a PPI complaint letter?  Or perhaps you purchased a particularly dodgy burger from a fast-food restaurant, and now you intend to let them know about it!  If you are unsure about how to write a letter of complaint to a company, or want to work with a service which can ensure your formal complaint letter strikes the right tone of voice, our professional writers can offer you a helping hand.

Our writers know a thing or two about complaining and are no strangers to inundating a variety of companies with stern-worded letters.  Whether you want to write a complaint letter to phone companies or express outright fury to a local authority, we are capable of putting your complaints into formal letter templates to ensure an appearance and tone of voice which demand the undivided attention of the recipient.

So if you have a formal complaint that you want a large company or organisation to pay serious attention to, we can help you mould your words into a notable and authoritative letter, sure to illicit a meaningful response from its recipient.  We can send a letter to any organisation or business you wish to complain to, and we can also supply you with the response they provide.

Whether you want to complain in person, or wish to remain anonymous, we can write letters which cater for both preferences.  All you have to do is provide us with the details of your complaint and details of what you hope the letter to achieve.  For example, are you looking for an apology, compensation or something else?  Once we have all the information, we can construct a professional and imposing letter utilising a formal complaint letter template to bring your complaint to the company’s attention, and provide you with any feedback they respond with.