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MaaS ‘Moaning as a Service’ company launches

Want a whinge? Now you can do it all online

A new company has launched that allows users to send out tailored letters of complaint to anybody or anything that gets on their nerves.

Avenge.co.uk, the brainchild of company owner Mark Hall, means that people can create and send their moans as a snail mail letter to friends, businesses and even the train franchise that’s made them late for work again.

Working on the premise that the average Brit is far too polite to complain, Avenge.co.uk sweeps that all away by using POIP protocol working behind an easy-to-use customer interface that means customers can get their misery off their chest in less than two minutes.

“You’ve heard of ‘software as a service’,” Avenger founder Mark Hall says, “this is ‘moaning as a service.”

Explaining the thinking behind the site, the Yorkshire-based businessman said: “We found that the huge majority of people just don’t have the time, confidence, or letter-writing skills to put their words on paper when they’ve got a complaint to make.

“The biggest challenge, will be changing the mindset of the common moaner, us Brits like to moan, but rarely do anything about it!”

“Our interface means that most users will only need a couple of minutes to create a real-life letter that addresses their problems going out in the mail.”

“Our development team thought about templates, it just didn’t seem to work,” Halls says. “The end product can’t look computer generated, otherwise it’ll just go straight into the bin, and nobody’s happy.” “Every letter is handcrafted by an in house expert”

Avenge say the new service is less about wringing compensation out of poorly-performing companies (although that will be a by-product for some users), but more about letting people have their say and having their voices heard.

“You can send a light-hearted moan to friends or family about their annoying habits or their louds dogs,” Avenge’s Mark Hall said, “But it’s also about getting an apology for a wrong parking ticket or a rude waiter. We’re trying to make people happy by sorting out their minor life problems.

“It’s all about having a bit of fun while turning the tables on something that vexes you,” said Hall, “One of our people says it’s like ‘Moonpig for moaners’, and that’s an idea that’s stuck as we built the site.”