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‘Moonpig for moaners’ service launches

New website puts the fun back into getting your own back on rip-off Britain

Britons are terrible at complaining over anything from noisy neighbours to bad service in shops, and they’re missing out having their problems sorted, as well as losing out on apologies and possible refunds or compensation.

That’s the opinion of a new website that hopes to make complaining and having your say a doddle. Whether it’s local grievances such as barking dogs, or getting ripped-off on car repairs, Avenge.co.uk say they’ve got the ammo to put a smile back on your face.

The easy-to-use website lets people have their say about the things that upset them, with the aim of getting apologies, along with the possibility of a refund or compensation if it’s deserved.

“I’ve known people who have put up with all kinds of ridiculous situations simply because they thought complaining was too much trouble,” said company founder Mark Hall, “and it’s for these people that we set up Avenge.co.uk. We’re going to turn the tables so the ripped-off consumers of the UK get to have their say at last.”

The company found that most British people don’t complain about things simply because they “don’t want to cause trouble”. Other excuses for not complaining include:

• Not the type to complain
• Feel guilty about complaining
• Not confident enough to write a letter
• Thought it not worth the effort
• Thought their complaint would be ignored

“We’ve swept away those barriers to having a moan,” said Mark, “Even if you’re not a confident letter writer, we’ll do the hard work for you and make sure your moan gets the attention it deserves.”

Hall says their point-and-click service can help get apologies and redress for all kinds of everyday problems:

• Friends or family getting you down – send them a light-hearted whinge and be happy.
• If a traffic warden is rude to you – ask them to apologise with a smile.
• If your train is late – turn you ticket back into cash.
• If a shop rips you off – get them to say sorry and offer redress.

Avenge is convinced that people get unduly stressed carrying complaints around with them, and most problems can be solved simply by airing your views to the source of the trouble.

The new website lets people do this in the easiest way possible, all personally tailored to make sure that the right people get the right tone of complaint.

“It’s ‘Moonpig for moaners’,” says Mark, “And you can have fun customising your complaint however you like. Barking dogs, the bin men leaving a trail of litter up your street, the waiter in a restaurant putting his thumb in your meal – we’ve got it all covered.

“We’ll even help you complain about the weather or the colour of the grass at the local park if that’s what really gets your goat,” he says.

Hall is convinced of the power of a good letter of complaint to get a bit of anger off your chest. It’s about putting your point across and hoping for an apology, he says, and everybody should complain every once in a while.

“We’re not only going to make complaining easy, we’re going to make it fun as well.”

“Moaning’s not a bad thing. It’s an art and it’s time we as a nation celebrated it.”